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My Inspiration

Every artist has a point of inspiration. A place, thing, or person their creativity is drawn from. For me I have two sources of inspiration. The first being my family. Having a family of my own with two children, I know first hand what all of the little moments mean and how fast time will make them a fading memory. I use this empathy with my films knowing that these moving images combined with ambient sound of the day and a dramatic soundtrack can forever keep these memories more fresh and preserved for generations to come.

My second source of inspiration are other filmmakers. My shortlist of filmmakers that I look up to are as follows: Philip Bloom, Casie Neistat, & Dan Mace. While I am still in the early stages of building a production company, I aspire and look up to larger high end studios/production companies. Here are some of my favorite production companies that I engage with as mentors.

I am still finding my own style. I think all artist and creatives are constantly evolving and defining themselves and their art. I alway look for feedback from my clients and ask for their input. After all, I'm creating a film for them!

SIDENOTE: Here is a website that has many different styles from many production studios. Which ones do you like?

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