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My Journey

I was about 10 years old when I learned how to use a tape recorder. I eventually took the tape recorder and started telling stories using different voices. I also created an improved Foley stage. I’m not sure if I had read a book or if I saw something on the television, but I remember learning how to create sound effects. I would use paper and crinkle it up to make the sound of fire and play with other various items to help tell the story through audio alone. Fast forward a couple of years and Fisher-Price came out with what was called a PXL 2000.

This little device allowed you to record video using cassette tapes. You could then replay the video on a TV through the same recording device. Of course at the age of 12, what child is not playing with Legos’. I would use my Legos’ and create a type of stock motion video. I believe it was these early years that interested me into telling stories through media.

Through my teen years I took a greater interest in sports. That would continue through my college years. Eventually I would graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from Warner University in business management with a minor in information technology. I would then move onto the current profession I hold today as a high school technology teacher. I would be awarded Teacher of the year at my high school and later be awarded Educator of the year for Career Adult Education for the county. Throughout my career as an educator I have taught various subjects such as web design, graphic design, audio production, and video production. I’ve done so at the high school and collegiate level for the past 18 plus years.

While teaching, I had a strong desire to acquire my Master’s degree. This is where I was reconnected with telling stories through media. I would graduate with honors from Full Sail University with a Master’s degree in Media Design. I took several course that delved into the area of audio and video production. That creative flame that had dimmed with the onset of puberty had been rekindled. From that moment on I would study heavily in not only cinematography, but also the production of audio. It was as if I had come full circle with a childhood passion. Only this time with much cooler toys!

My business started along the same time I was acquiring my graduate degree. The majority of my clients were seeking business branding or consultation with their websites and/or social media presence. On the little spare time that I had to myself, I was making family videos. Telling our adventure stories through film was very fun and it gave my family something we could have for posterity. It wasn’t until almost a year ago I was approached by a colleague and asked to film her wedding. There was very little expectation on her part. Little did she know I had been studying this craft for quite a while. For three years previously I had been enamored with wedding films. Every story was so different as well as how couples chose to celebrate their matrimony. My problem was I was scared to death to take that leap as an event videographer. I have such a high respect for this type of life milestone and I understand the gravity of which capturing a moment like this has for a couple. The wedding day goes by fast and all of the details become a blur. While photos capture a moment and freezes it. Video, when captured and edited correctly, can instantly transport you back in time to re-live those movements that before were merely a blur.

This is a passion of mine. The process of creating is such a joy to me. I love the planning and execution of the shoot as much as I enjoy delivering the final film. Because this is not my full time job, it affords me the opportunity to forge client relationships where we are a good fit versus taking on clients for the sole sake of making money. I feel that it is important for there to be a high expectation on my clients part as well as an appreciation of the art of cinema. My goal is to enjoy what I create. Even more importantly, I want others to enjoy my creations for many years to come. My clients allow me to capture their story and retell it through film. Whether it is a life milestone, business or an organization, I look at this creative journey as a true partnership and am always honored to be chosen to document their stories through film.

As of today, I have captured several weddings and several commercial videos. With each of these projects I start with asking myself the same question. What do I want as a result of this project? I answer myself with the same response each time. I want my client to watch their film over and over. I want them be moved emotionally and feel as if they are transported back in time every time they watch their film. Selfishly, I want professionals in the cinematography industry to admire my work. I want my films to be held in high regards and looked to as not just a high standard, but also as innovative and unique.

I know not where this journey of mine will lead me. I do know it will be filled with capturing beautiful stories that will live on through future generations.


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