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Cinematographer vs. Videographer - Detailed Explination

Yes, there is a difference between a cinematographer and a videographer. Night and day would be those differences. The correct choice depends on the type of film you prefer. I hope to lay out the major differences between these two in order to help my potential clients choose the type of film they want to cherish for generations to come.

VideographerA videographer will capture an event as it happens and their final video will be played back in chronological order. There is less of an artistic feel with a videographer in that the story is told from morning to night or point A to point B. This is not to say a videographer is not artistic in their video, just that the telling of the events story is more linear and does not lend much room for interpretation of the felling of the day. In a typical videographer's video there is less emphasis on the details of the day and more emphasis on the day's timeline.

CinematographerA cinematographer, in the simplest terms, is a professional filmmaker. Their attention is placed on capturing moments cinematically and sequencing them in a story-based film.

Cinematically refers to the composition of the shots taken.

What ever that story may be, the cinematographer is going to sequence your film in a way that best retells that story that mirrors the emotion and essence of that event. A great deal of emphasis is placed equally on the visual elements, the natural audio, and the selection of music. With a cinematic film these three elements, along with the retelling of the day's story, recreate the day in an emotional captivating experience.

At Webster Media, we are cinematographers. We want to create films that mirror the emotions of the day and matches the gravity of the meaning for that event. We combine beautiful composition shots with natural audio and then personally score each film with the appropriate music that matches the emotions of the day.


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