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Client Input Please

Listening to the wants and needs of a client is paramount in the planning stages of producing a film.

I draw my inspiration from many different sources. However, there can be no greater source of inspiration than from my clients. This is particularly so with my wedding film clients. I am always looking for opportunities to try new things and expand my range of stylistic filming and editing. To hear a client tell me they are looking for something that is different from my typical styled films is a welcoming challenge. While I do not require my clients to tell me what it is they are looking for, I do find it invigorating when a client comes to me with a contrasting vision for their future film.

Here are a few high end production companies that I draw my inspiration from. These are also a couple of companies that have mentored me and provided me with insight and direction for my own production company.

Eyenamics: Youtube Channel

White In Revery: Youtube Channel

Pen Weddings: Youtube Channel

FilmStong Productions: Youtube Channel

Here is a little website that has compiled some interesting wedding films from all over the world. One can certainly see many different styles of films that are being created. The curation of this website looks to be a little dated. However, there are lots of films to look at here. Website: Love24fps

SIDE NOTE: While I welcome input from all of my clients and encourage creative dialogue, I reserve all editing and creative rights over projects.


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